Place of Power

The Lucja Palace is a place of power.
The Lucja Palace is the centre of energy in Europe.


"The place of power is a very energetically strong place. Where the body and soul can come to harmony. In the place of power, by the release of energy from the earth, there are several unusual phenomena.

To understand the influence of the position of power on the human body, it is necessary to mention the possible saturation of the body with energy. In nature, there are two types of food: energy and biochemistry.

The difference between these types of food can be illustrated, for example, by a conventional battery. The battery provides energy to the car, but its efficiency and output energy depends on the electrolyte solution. When the electrolyte loses its properties and does not reach full battery capacity, there are two ways to achieve full capacity. Either replace the electrolyte, or connect the battery to the charger. Blood in the human body is an electrolyte. Because we cannot simply replace it quickly, we need to find other ways to get or recover our results. The human body charging system can be chakras that are able to "charge" through external energy sources via the places of power.

This is the point on the surface of the Earth where the ground forces concentrate and find their way to the surface.

Interesting power spots have been fascinating for humanity for millennia. More and more people around the world today are looking for places to visit in order to gain strength, charge their energy and find harmony. Travelling many thousands of kilometres to get to the so-called places of power. Well-known examples of these places are Stonehenge, Tibet, Egyptian pyramids, Easter Island or Altai Baikal. But few know that the power of nature and the cosmos is much closer - in Poland, in Sakrau (Zakrzów).

We attribute several potential factors to Sakrau's potential energy.

Concentrated energy in Sakrau (Zakrzów) has two beginnings: holy and natural.

  • Holy beginning

The name of the place, "Sakrau" (holy), is not accidental. It is an old religious centre, which was already described in ancient legends and chronicles. A powerful Order of the Knights Templar was operating on the "Lucja Palace" estate, established the order of knights cleric in 1118-1312. The knights built a castle here, the place from which they started their crusade.

They began to pass through the castle tunnels. The tunnels are connected by important elements that constitute 'places of power'. Secret passages are energy channels between the castle and places of strong power, including the famous monastery - Annaberg.

The St. Anna Mount has a strong religious value - as the sanctuary of the grandmother of Jesus, for more than 500 years visited by pilgrims from around the world. The mountain also plays an important cultural role as a place to gather people of all generations and different nations.

The St. Anna Mount is a place of great architectural significance - here are monuments from various historical periods, looking geographically and scientifically, the Sanctuary is located in the middle of the "St. Anne's Mountain" nature park.

The St. Anna Mount was sculpted by the sea. Previously, it was the place of pagan worship - a place of power. In pre-Christian times, pagan ceremonies brought positive energy to the mountain. There are many places where a man loses his or her energy, you feel weaker and leached. Not here, this place increases the "energy" of people. You will leave this place rested and strengthened.

Another road leads to a triangular pyramid of a stone obelisk. The basis of the pyramid represents time, symbolizing the relationship between all generations for the continuity of the learning process in the universe. In European megalithic cultures and folklore, the pyramid is seen as a reminder of the earth in the sense of a mother. The exact triangular shape of the pyramid of stone symbolizes fire, God's revelation of the Trinity of creation. According to the esoteric beliefs, fire is a symbol of the divine flame. The combination of sacred and natural energy creates a place of power here. Here's a way to free the mind. Visit this place - it allows you to receive the wisdom and supportive energy of your ancestors and God.

  • Natural beginning

The Natural Character around us gives us spiritual strength. Our planet consists of the same ingredients as human. The planet has three elements: matter, energy and information. This value of the three parts is called strength.

According to the concept of Dahoist "Wu Xing", everything in the universe consists of five elements: water, wood, earth, fire, metal (the theory of five elements can be found in Chinese philosophy, in feng shui, qi gong, in traditional Chinese medicine). In the human body, we exchange these elements from the five main organs - kidneys (water element), liver (wooden element), heart (fire element), spleen (earth element) and lungs (metal element). The combination of energy from these organs flows through our energy channels and passes through some exit points to the surface of the body. These points are called biologically active points. Just like the human body, the Earth has energy channels with exit to the surface. At these bioactive points, the power of the circulating planet with space takes place. These points are called the place of power.

Only the combination of these five elements in one place (place of power) allows you to "charge the batteries". One of such places is the Lucja Palace. Our Castle is located in the very centre of this magical Pentagram of power.

  • The strength of our country

1. Element of wood (MU 木).

Wood means living nature and every type of vegetation. This means growth, it symbolizes childhood and spring when it sprouts and blooms and new life is born. The roots and strong strain are Yang, tiny, flexible branches and leaves, however, are Yin. The elements lead straight to the goal.

To feel the rich energy of wood, we invite you for a walk through the maze of our bamboo fields and our oak forest. Bamboo is a Far East symbol of stability, longevity, happiness and spiritual truth. Since ancient times, bamboo plantations are associated with longevity. The oak tree is a world tree, a symbol of the world, an axis connecting the upper and lower worlds of living beings and their ancestors. It means the centre of the universe. Oak means strength, courage, endurance, durability, fertility, love and fidelity. Oak is often referred to as the symbol of Christianity, as a force that will survive even hard times. This means the strength of faith and virtue. If a man passes between them, he receives spiritual and male (sexual) forces.

2. Element of fire (火 Huo).

This element is enthusiasm and vitality for you, everything is stimulated. During the fire phase, youthful enthusiasm is shown, awakening sexuality, combined with energy and adventurism.

To feel the power of fire - we invite you for a walk in the red mountains. This mountain was created from an ancient volcano that died out 28 million years ago. Today, there is a field of red soil, rich in iron ore.

You can feel the flow of energy when you pass through our vineyard or try our own wine production. The grapes absorb a lot of local energy during ripening. A sip of wine from our grapes helps in stimulating sexual energy.

3. Element of earth (土 TU).

Earth - a symbol of fertility and joy. Earth is a sign of cohesion, transparency, durability and stability. Provides us with food, physically and spiritually. Man settles, seeks security and focuses on creating a family.

In addition, power and material possessions are connected to the element of the earth. But whoever accumulates too much of them suffers from imbalance. Moist soil is Yin, but dry soil, great powerful masses of land and rocks are Yang.

Earth from red mountain contains strong energy. The soil consists of clay. Already in the Bible it is described that man was formed from clay. From Earth, we are born to the Earth we are coming back. The powerful clay energy helps in healing people. Clay is a material that conveys the thoughts of generations in itself.

It has been proven that clay has healing properties. The statistic wavelength is 8 meters, as well as the length of healthy cells in the human body. When a person is ill, the wavelength of the cells decreases. In resonance with the clay vibration field, the wavelength of diseased cells increases again and they return to balance. Clay allows sick cells to vibrate like healthy cells. This means that the cells begin to regenerate. The blood begins to flow faster in the veins, it warms the body and cleanses the internal organs. Self-healing is strongly recommended.

4. Element of metal (金 j)

Metal symbolizes desire and vanity. Because of its hardness, it also means assertiveness, determination and concentration for the basics. Metal can bring help and success in financial matters. Metal elements always have white, silver and gray colors.

With us you will find this source of energy in our limestone rocks, which are rich in iron oxides. This stone carries the energy of millions of years in which it formed. To feel this energy, we invite you for a walk on the rocks. These paths help you find a rational solution to your problems.

5. Element of water (水 shui)

Due to its versatility and transparency, water symbolizes rationality. In large quantities, it develops huge forces that stand for assertiveness. Allows to find fresh ideas and solve everything.

According to the Bible, water is the primordial matter, based on which God created people and animals. In water, which makes everything in us. Water is a part of us, the main ingredient of our body. For millions of years, the water seeps through the limestone deposits in St. Anna’s Mount and has been enriched with minerals and intensively filtered. The local fissures contain huge resources of the purest water. It is the largest water reservoir in Europe, spread over an area of ​​80 x 80 km. This water carries the energy of millions of years and thousands of generations in itself. Using this water helps to refresh and cleanse the body of cosmic toxins. In Sakrau, this magnificent water flows from the spring and feeds our pond with the most energy-saturated water from St. Anna’s Mount. Each of our guests can regain his or her energy here.

For our health and happiness, we ourselves bear the greatest responsibility. Only when we balance our lives to our natural needs and if we remember and live in harmony with our biological clock, we find our natural biorhythm - one of the most important conditions for well-being, health and, above all, satisfaction.


We help you to improve your life, enjoy time of relaxation in the Lucja Palace. Visit us to "charge the batteries". Discover the "place of power" in Sakrau. Try bread, wine and water from our rich country.

Recover your lost energy and power!!!

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