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The ruins of the 14th century castle in Zakrzów are situated at the foot of St. Anne’s Mountain (Góra Św. Anny), in Gogolin commune. The remains of the castle look delightfully among lush green trees and shrubs.

Days of glory

In its heyday, the castle was a fortress of the Templars, who controlled the satin and salt road via Poland. It used to be the political centre of Europe. Legends say about crusades, great expeditions and princess kidnapping. To this day, there is the legend popular about white lady, whose soul is still trapped in the castle. The chivalry in Zakrzów survived storms, wars and insurrections.

Modern times

Owners of the property have changed infinitely many times, it was passed to nobles and barons. Until 1945, the object was owned by the Madelung family, members of which ran a farm and were the lime industry shareholders. Until 1989 it was a state property.

Moving to Zakrzów

While visiting the country of my ancestors I was enchanted by the beauty of Zakrzów, by warmth, hospitality and cordiality of the inhabitants of Silesia. My greatest desire was to live at such beautiful land. I involved all the efforts and means to make this dream come true. It associated with change of a place of residence. Everything was new for my family - the language, people, culture. However, 15 years of hard work have brought the desired results. I gained trust of Zakrzów residents, who elected me for the position of the village leader.


Our long-term plans became a reality. The family has rebuilt the old building of 1848 for the Palac Lucja Hotel. The Dransfelds come from Paderborn, North Rhine - Westphalia. On 15.04.1996 the whole family moved to a foreign country, where we faced new experiences, culture and tradition. Since the very beginning our plans assumed rebuilding the house into a hotel palace. The dream came true due to our hard work and funds of the European Union. Our hotel is intended to be the focal point of creative thinking and to serve for creation of positive energy. It should be a place of integration between the Polish and the Germans, because in Europe we need mutual support and understanding.

We wish all our guests a great resting time in the Palac Lucja Hotel and unforgettable stay in this charming place.

The Dransfeld Family
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